Belhaven University Digital Course Pack: (Spring 2017)

Course Pack Overview

Belhaven University Digital Course Pack: (Spring 2017)
Digital Course Pack

This Digital Course Pack is for students enrolled in Belhaven University.

About Digital Course Packs

A digital course pack gathers self-directed training and assessments in a convenient package.

This is a series of self-directed courses produced by Poynter's News University covering key aspects of news writing and reporting, focusing on the planning and writing of effective messages in journalism, public relations, and web media. Each of these digital courses has an assessment of your understanding of the information presented, which is part of your final grade in the course.

The courses in this pack are:

  • The Lead Lab
  • Cleaning Your Copy: Grammar, Style and More
  • The Writer's Workbench: 50 Tools You Can Use
  • Fact Checking: How to Improve Your Skills and Accountability in Journalism

This Digital Course Pack is for students enrolled in Belhaven University. If you are interested in a course pack for your school, please contact us at

You need to complete all NewsU self-directed courses online as part of this Digital Course Pack, taking an assessment at the end of each course. You can take the assessment up to three times and must make at least an 80 percent correct to pass each assessment.

Use your Dashboard link on the left side of the screen to review scores and progress at anytime.

Training Partner:

Belhaven University

Highly ranked Belhaven University stands among select Christian colleges and universities with national influence, and has been repeatedly named one of “America’s 100 Best College Buys." The University offers 70 areas of study including academic majors and concentrations across a full spectrum of disciplines, as well as a variety of Master Degree programs.


Sunny Fridge

Dr. Sunny Fridge earned a Ph.D. in Urban Higher Education from Jackson State University. Her master's and undergraduate degrees in communications have given her a unique lens through which to see the people she works with, to listen to the stories they tell -- and the stories they want to tell. As an award-winning broadcast professional and journalism educator, she has mentored hundreds of students and clients to help them develop skills to become successful communicators. She is a John Maxwell certified coach, teacher, and speaker.